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National Collegiate Sales Competition

The largest and oldest sales competition in existence!
Inaugurated in 1999, the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) is the largest and oldest sales role-play competition in existence. Chartered with the objective of enhancing the practice and professionalism of the sales career, the NCSC’s mission remains the same today.

The National Collegiate Sales Competition participants come from the most elite sales programs located at universities around the world, where the exceptional education, training and faculty have collaborated to develop the next generation of sales leaders. These future sales professionals will honorably represent the profession while improving the lives of others because they have the tools necessary to excel.

The NCSC offers the opportunity for top students to sharpen their sales skills in a highly competitive environment and provides a venue to network with business professionals, peers and sales faculty from around the globe.

The NCSC allows sponsors to observe, engage and recruit these talented individuals through competition streamed videos, an on- site career fair and promotional resume books.
Exclusive access to the brightest and best sales graduates, all in one location and at the same time!


“I have started doing four sales competitions per year and your event is in a “class by itself”…Best experience for me and my sales students AND Most Well Run of any of them!! 87% of my sales students who attended the NCSC received their sales career job offers from your Corporate Sponsors!” 

– Anthony Krystofik, Lecturer & Director, Center for Professional Selling, University of Dayton

Sponsorship Information

Corporate Sponsors provide the financial resources to afford high-quality students the opportunity to participate in the NCSC, and thrive in their sales career.

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homepage_1Sponsor Opportunities

The NCSC is exclusive to Sponsoring Corporations. Sponsors provide the resources that afford student competitors from across the U.S., Canada and other countries to travel to and participate.

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2017 Competing Universities

See our participant map to learn how many opportunities you have as a Corporate Partner to meet the most sought after sales candidates.

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Career Fair Information

Learn more about recent winners, participants and general competition results. You will also be able to view the past participant recap videos.

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NCSC News: Are You A Winner

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    Are you a Winner?

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